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Heidi's Journey

heidiHeidi's spiritual journey was first sparked at twelve years of age while attending a church camp bonfire. Her youth afterwards was spent volunteering in camping and then deciding to fan the flame of her passion by obtaining a B.A. degree in Religious Studies & Philosophy and a career in Christian camping. She was blessed to land a full-time youth ministry position at one of the largest Christian camps in the United States.

As Heidi grew more into herself and who she truly was, she realized that the conventional religion she had thrived within as a youth and her young adulthood was now not as comfortable of a fit as it once was. Choosing to honor her true self, she opted to leave her job honoring whom God had created her to be — breaking free from the mold that no longer fit her.

During this time of great transition and brokenness for Heidi, many amazing spiritual people journeyed along with her — gently teaching her new ways to look at herself, the world, and the universes beyond ours. She was introduced to new ways of thinking beyond what she had been raised, taught, and accustomed to. She began to open herself up to these new ways of thinking, all while having appreciation for her religious upbringing. Over time, she was able to see the value of both religion and spirituality, and knew that the path she was now on was exactly where she needed to be.


Always finding great comfort and inspiration within nature, it was on a Montana hiking trip when Heidi realized she was a healer. At first she was unsure of how to handle this responsibility and how this may impact her and others dear to her. For the second time in her life, she decided to move away from the comfortable and known and pursue this path honoring the call that she felt so strongly within her.

Heidi spends her weekdays in the financial industry and her evenings and weekends using and sharing her healing gifts through individual sessions, training classes, and leading retreats and workshops. Her desire is to be a pure, healing channel allowing Highest Good to flow through her to aid in the healing and growth of others. She is one whom honors, empowers, and encourages others toward their Highest Good.

featherIn Heidi's down time, you may spot her outdoors sitting on the ground leaning against a pine tree, laughing around a campfire with friends, or eagle watching from her kayak. Her hiking boots have made their mark within the Grand Canyon, Colorado, Montana, Michigan, and Minnesota, but she prefers slower-scenic strolls in nature looking for feathers.

Heidi has profound gratitude for her journey and all of her loved ones, teachers, and experiences that have led her to this life she now leads.


Heidi's Credentials


Heidi is a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master® with the International Center for Reiki Training. She began her Reiki training in 2010 and has studied with William Rand, Karen Harrison, Michael Arthur Baird, and Cindy Chicoine.

ICRT logoHeidi is an International Center for Reiki Training Professional Member (ICRT). She uses ICRT manuals in her classes and agrees to abide by their Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Heidi has taken Reiki I & II , Advanced Reiki Training (ART), Master Training, Reiki Drumming, and Holy Fire Karuna Master® Teacher training from Professional Licensed Teachers (LRMTs). She provides student certificates issued by the ICRT Reiki Member Association for all whom take Reiki classes with her.



  • B.A. in Religious Studies & Philosophy/Cum Laude 1993
  • School of Metaphysics 2011-2012

Other Healing Training & Classes:

  • Raymon Grace: Dowsing & Energy Healing Techniques
  • Sandra Ingerman: Shamanic Journeying
  • Malabika Shaw: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Joellen Price: Zentangles Process (meditative doodling)


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